About Comme ça

The magical feeling of a new dress. The caress-soft fabric, perfect fit and radiant colors. But after a few washes, that dress often loses its luster. Not so with the collections of comme ça! This colorful fashion for mothers and daughters excels in top quality and affordability and is also purely Belgian.

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Stylish fashion

Comme ça launches 2 new collections for women every year. From casual tops and pants forcasual wear to classy outfits for work, Comme ça has it all. We align our collections perfectly with the latest trends. You'll be amazed by the options available to combine with your own look:l feminine silhouettes, stylish prints and fantastic colors.

For real women

Clothing for real women is at the heart of this fashion label. Our team includes women with a wide range of sizes and styles, and this forms the basis for every new collection.. Comme ça makes clothing from size 34 to 50 and with full consideration given to feminine shapes. Our pants, dresses and blouses accentuate your best assets and hide anything you see as minor flaws, making all woman look radiant at any age. The day on which the test collection is delivered is always an exciting and wonderful event. Our team tries on and tests all the new pieces so that we can be certain of fashion to fit any body shape.

Affordable top quality

Dress up, not down, but at a fair price. Comme ça creates affordable fashion for you. We only select strong and durable fabrics and swear by a perfect finish. Get an amazing look thanks to easily combinable top and bottom pieces. This is why we also unpack original and eye-catching pieces produced in limited numbers. Passion and enthusiasm is woven into every piece, and we're proud to help you feel the same way.

Sweater Comme ça summer collection 2024

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In addition to 13 of our own Comme ça boutiques, you'll also find our Comme ça clothing line in about a hundred multi-brand boutiques across Belgium.
At Comme ça, you enter with joy and leave with even more joy.